Private Company Compensation Consulting

Our team has the expertise and the most current, comprehensive market data to address the unique compensation needs of private technology, biotech, medical device and clean tech companies. Our seasoned staff has consulted with clients on company-wide compensation plans. We understand the relationship between cash and equity, total financing raised to date, and the structure of a private company. We are experienced in working with both executives and investors, as well as presenting to boards.

Growing Companies: Compensation is the Key Ingredient

Along with market data, Thelander consultants have expertise in designing private company compensation programs that allow companies to attract and retain executives and employees. The results include a comprehensive program for pay and equity distribution to assist in developing a compensation process that will carry the company through growth and development. The compensation design will meet both company business goals as well as the interests of the Board and investors. Our customized services include, but are not limited, to:

  • Cash compensation assessment for each executive position
  • Incentive pay design for the executives, differentiated by job levels and reflecting company needs
  • Equity program design for executives based upon industry and total amount of financing raised to date, founder and non-founder
  • A market pricing strategy for cash compensation for all jobs below the executive level, including a market study from Thelander Survey information
  • Pay grades, salary structures and equity range design below the executive level for exempt scientific/technical, exempt admin, and non-exempt employees
  • Change of control & severance terms, carve-out program guidelines
  • Non-Investor Board cash and equity recommendations Pre-IPO Companies: Compensation Matters Addressed Prior to Filing of S-1

Private companies preparing for an IPO have an opportunity to make the transition as seamless as possible on the compensation front. Thelander provides guidance and structure to assist in this process. We:

  • Confirm compensation and pay positioning philosophy
  • Determine competitive market compensation packages for top 5 executives and recommend adjustments as needed
  • Review and update, as appropriate, salary, bonus and LTI plans to address gaps between current pay and market
  • Recommend Board of Director compensation programs for the public environmen

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