Compensation Data

Subscriptions Overview

We offer 12-month subscription packages on a paid-only basis. All data and information is for the sole use of the subscriber and not for sharing or redistribution. Subscriptions include unlimited 24/7 online access to the Thelander platform, with the ability to create customized compensation data reports and view supplemental data. Subscriptions are non-transferable and non-refundable.

12 Month Package
24/7 Online Access

To purchase a subscription, first choose the type of company or firm that best suits you.

Are you a private company or investment firm?

Private Company

Subscription includes: private biotech, medical device and technology (including Robotics, AI, Healthcare IT, Software IT and more) company compensation data.

Subscription Options

Investment Firm

Subscription includes: corporate venture, venture capital or private equity compensation data for your firm or portfolio companies.

Subscription Options

Investment Firm clients can purchase BOTH investment firm and private company data.

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